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Enduring businesses cannot be built without exceptional people. Only by

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We’ve started Responsible Innovation Labs with the goal of shaping a better technology industry for the benefit of the world. We believe that society needs to see much more innovation and that such innovation can best be driven by ambitious and fast-moving technology companies. That's why responsibility belongs in the DNA of companies.

Jon Zieger

Introducing Responsible Innovation Labs

Today’s technology will have an outsized impact on the future of society. It can help solve our hardest problems or make them worse. Many--even most--companies want to do the right thing and improve life on this planet. But how? What are the best ideas and practices? That’s where RI Labs comes in.

Jon Zieger, Diede van Lamoen, and Hemant Taneja

Join us at our Responsible Innovation Founders Summit

The Founders Summit convenes some of the best in the industry to accelerate thinking on responsible innovation in ambitious companies, from day one to teams of 500+

Responsible Innovation Labs

New Report: Who's Accountable for Technology's Impact on Society?

Technology executives, employees and an informed public agree: Founders and investors have special responsibility for the companies they build and fund.

Responsible Innovation Labs

Launching Our Charter and Welcoming New Members!

We're proud to announce the launch of our Charter and new members.

Responsible Innovation Labs

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Curated tools for X in companies:

Enduring businesses cannot be built without exceptional people. Only by

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Joining the workgroup:

[Message from the workgroup .... Enduring businesses cannot be built without exceptional people. Only by building organizations that are diverse and inclusive will companies be capable of seeing—and addressing—the broadest spectrum of human needs.]

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Join us on a mission to shape the future of technology. There are many opportunities to play a part in RILabs:

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Companies and investors:  Partner with us to develop actionable tools and standards.
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Open roles: Managing Director of Diversity. You can also join our talent pool.
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Tech veterans and experts:  Give back and build projects with a purpose in Responsibility Rotations.
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