Week 6: What's Happening in AI

New Executive Order, GPTBot, US AI laws, bionics, democracy reimagined, and more.
Responsible Innovation Labs
August 9, 2023

Below: Executive Order on ‘national security technologies and products in countries of concern,’ state of US AI laws, bionic engineering, democracy reimagined, and more. First, this week’s big story: GPTBot: OpenAI releases new web crawler 



Europe and the Middle East:


International organizations and more:

Plus: The White House just announced a new Executive Order to guide rule-making on US investment into ‘technologies and products (e.g., semiconductors and microelectronics, quantum information technologies, and AI) in countries of concern’ (China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR).

Responsible AI

Security and safety:

Health and biomedical:

Data, language, and identity:


Plus: Inversion mindset, explained

Where AI is going

Information, democracy, and open societies:

Defense, transportation, and space:

Economy and workforce:

Compute and chips:

Plus: Twilio’s OpenAI partnership, Salesforce’s Einstein Studio, Huawei’s Voice Assistant Cecilia, Alibaba’s open-source models, Apple’s comments, Amazon’s comments

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