Join us on November 10th, 2022

10:30am - 7pm ET | 7:30am - 4pm PT

- NYC @ Betaworks
- SF @ Gusto HQ
- Virtual

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We're excited to be partnering with the Startups and Society Initiative to bring you the 2022 Responsible Innovation Founders Summit

1. Innovating Intentionally
We must consider the impacts our technologies will have on the world, and build rigor into our operations and governance to look for and minimize negative unintended consequences. We must build with appropriate humility, about both the limitations of our own understanding and the ways that our direct and indirect users can be unfairly impacted, influenced or exploited. 

2. Operating with Accountability and Transparency
We must measure the impacts of our technologies on people and society, not only on our economic success, and we must be transparent about those metrics. We must be open and clear with our stakeholders about the policies and processes that govern the technology we build, and about trade-offs between societal interests and growth and profits.

The Founders Summit convenes ambitious founders building the next generation of technology companies, from day one to teams of 500+.

Advancing Inclusive Prosperity.
Technology reshapes how we work and who benefits from our economy. It is vital that we make a path for everyone to benefit from a more prosperous and abundant future, and that no one is left behind by what we create.

Building and Maintaining Sustainably.
Innovation can contribute to building a healthier planet. Responsible businesses must be crafted with environmental sustainability from the outset. By design, our operations, products and footprints must be sustainable and in service of the wellbeing of the planet and its people.

Respecting People.
Innovation should be judged by how it encourages and supports human flourishing. Every human being has value and a right to autonomy and dignity. We must build business models and products that safeguard these values, including a core respect for the time, attention, privacy, security and safety of users.

Championing Diversity.
Enduring businesses cannot be built without diverse teams. Only by building organizations that are inclusive and representative of the whole society will companies be capable of seeing—and addressing—the broadest spectrum of human needs.

Promoting Healthy Societies.
Companies exist within the context of society and its institutions, not in a vacuum. We pledge to build companies and technologies that are consistent with the health of core societal institutions, including functioning governments, respectful discourse, a free press, the just application of law, and free and fair elections.

Our speakers

Toyin Ajayi
Co-Founder and CEO, Cityblock Health
Josh Reeves
Co-Founder and CEO, Gusto
Safiya Umoja Noble, PhD
MacArthur Fellow, Professor (UCLA), and Director, UCLA Center on Race and Digital Justice
Rachel Romer
Co-Founder and CEO, Guild Education
Laurie Segall
Correspondent, 60 Minutes
Dr. Rachel Gillum
VP of Ethical Tech, Salesforce
Susan Mac Cormac
Chair of Social Enterprise, Morrison Foerster
Alison Taylor
Executive Director, Ethical Systems, NYU Stern
Claire Shorall
Co-Founder and CEO, Topknot
Laura Weidman Powers
Partner, Base 10
Janet Haven
Executive Director, Data & Society
Chapman Snowden
CEO and Co-founder, GoBuild
Justin Hendrix
Founder and Editor, Tech Policy Press
Jon Zieger
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Responsible Innovation Labs
Lyel Resner
Head of Public Interest Tech Studio, Cornell Tech
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