Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence

Hosted with All Tech is Human. Join us on April 25th in New York.

Join us on April 25th in New York

The future of artificial intelligence is here and rapidly evolving. We are on the cusp of an explosion of AI-driven changes in every aspect of our economy. GPT tools are reaching the public in exponentially new ways and leaders across all sectors are asking: what does this mean for the future?

We are organizing an intimate roundtable on cross-sector involvement to shape shared guardrails and ethical principles for the design, development, and deployment of AI systems. How do we ensure that startup companies are building with ethical AI principles from day one?

This conversation will serve as a table-setting exercise to explore aspects of this question. Up until now, the ethical considerations of AI have mainly been the purview of big companies. Now, it’s time to consider what’s needed for earlier stage companies at the frontier of building and scaling the next generation of tools and use cases. Questions include 1) who needs to be in this conversation? 2) what resources are needed? 3) how to make it useful and stage-appropriate for founders and investors?

Ideal attendees:

RIL (Responsible Innovation Labs) and ATIH (All Tech Is Human) are uniquely positioned to explore these questions together.

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