Key Takeaways: Transitioning to Climate Tech

Tom Steyer, Co-Founder, Galvanize Climate Solutions, and Astrid Atkinson, CEO and Co-Founder, Camus Energy, shared their insights into the industry.

Responsible Innovation Labs hosted the “Transitioning to Climate Tech” webinar on January 19, 2023, featuring Tom Steyer, Co-Founder of Galvanize Climate Solutions, and Astrid Atkinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Camus Energy.

Here are some key takeaways:

The big picture

It’s time to get in the game

“Kindness doesn’t scale, capitalism does. So we need to win in the markets over and over and over again in a way that protects human beings.” - Tom Steyer

“If you really want to make an impact on something you care about, find a place where your individual skills, strengths, and background are a unique advantage” - Astrid Atkinson

“Don’t be reasonable. The assumption that the status quo is reasonable - throw that right out the window.” - Tom Steyer

Here’s how  

1. Learn more about the sector

2. Find people to talk to

“I just got really boring at parties for five years. When people would come up to me and ask, ‘Hey Astrid, how are you’ and I’d tell them, ‘Great. I’m really interested in energy - do you know anyone who works in it?’ The nice thing about the climate space is that if you ask anyone for 45 minutes of their time, they will likely say yes. I found out that the human community associated with the energy and climate space was really rewarding.”

3. Start your search

Companies to check out:

Resources for Job Seekers

Recommended by attendees: