The Latest From Responsible Innovation Labs

Week 12: What’s Happening in AI

New US and UK proposals, AI “ghost” workers, OpenAI red teaming, Anthropic Responsible Scaling policy, talks by Bill Gurley, Ray Dalio, and more.

Letter to the Community from Executive Director Gaurab Bansal

Hear from Gaurab about why he joined Responsible Innovation Labs and his plans for the future.

Week 11: What’s Happening in AI

Companies make AI commitments at The White House. Plus: AI Insight Forum, EU supercomputer access, AI could reshape governments, and more.

Week 10: What’s Happening in AI

Regulators back in session, AI alignment, molecules-to-aromas, LLMOps, new releases, and more.

Week 9: What's Happening in AI

EU Digital Services Act, CodeLlama and GPT-4 compete, brain-to-voice AI, Nvidia’s record earnings, and more.

Week 8: What's Happening in AI

AI ‘off-switch’ for Europe, AI can’t hold copyright, and a surge in new releases and founder interviews.

Week 7: What's Happening in AI

Proposed rules follow Executive Order, first-of-its-kind AI bias lawsuit, GPT-4 for content moderation, AGI in 2-3 years, and more.

Week 6: What's Happening in AI

New Executive Order, GPTBot, US AI laws, bionics, democracy reimagined, and more.

Week 5: What's Happening in AI

US rules explained, Big AI launches industry forum, AI’s Oppenheimer moment, and more.

Week 4: What's Happening in AI

The paradoxes of AI safety, chips, policy developments, and more.

Weeks 2 and 3: What's Happening in AI

Global policy, the impact of AI on workforce risk, and the tension between LLMs and public goods.

Week 1: What's Happening in AI

Every week we send interesting perspectives on AI news – covering the latest in policy, responsible AI, where AI is going, and looming questions.

New Resource: Basics of Treasury Management and Risk

Key Takeaways: Transitioning to Climate Tech

Tom Steyer, Co-Founder, Galvanize Climate Solutions, and Astrid Atkinson, CEO and Co-Founder, Camus Energy, shared their insights into the industry.

New Report: Who's Accountable for Technology's Impact on Society?

Technology executives, employees and an informed public agree: Founders and investors have special responsibility for the companies they build and fund.

Event Announcement: Join us at our Responsible Innovation Founders Summit

The Founders Summit convenes some of the best in the industry to accelerate thinking on responsible innovation in ambitious companies, from day one to teams of 500+

Understanding the White House Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

The White House “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights” is an important first step toward future policymaking in the US and is likely to help shape future thinking about this topic. Here's what to consider from the latest White House guidelines.

Responding to Reproductive Rights and Healthcare Changes in the US

We put together practical guidance on the company and product issues U.S. technology companies need to consider in the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Here are five key questions operators should address.

Membership: Launching Our Charter and Welcoming New Member Companies!

We're proud to announce the launch of our Charter and new members.

Responding to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We put together practical guidance on the company and product issues teams need to consider about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here are five key questions operators should address.

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