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Ambitious founders + investors building enduring companies for the good of us all

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What we know

Innovation driven by ambitious technology companies is among the most powerful forces shaping the world. 

We must make sure that force is used responsibly, in a way that aligns with the long-term good of us all.

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Who we are

Responsible Innovation Labs is a coalition of leading investors and technology executives who recognize the importance of responsible innovation and the need for a more rigorous approach to tackling the challenges and opportunities of this moment.

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What we do

We equip the technology industry to go further, faster, for the benefit of everyone. Our mission is to guide the next generation of responsible company-builders by aligning the key incentives, resources, and industry community. Check it out -

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Here's a glance at some of the events, resources, and community we've been building.

Responsible AI Coalition

Responsible Innovation Labs has engaged a diverse multi-stakeholder working group to develop a set of commitments and a protocol to guide the venture and startup ecosystem in the first industry-driven, pro-innovation responsible AI standards for startups. It is an evidence-based, actionable ‘how to’ guide for startups building AI technology and their investors.

Responsible Innovation Founders Summit 2022

The Founders Summit convenes ambitious leaders building the next generation of technology companies. In 2022 we convened nearly 500 global tech leaders across San Francisco, New York, and online. Check out the sessions, key takeaways, and resources.

Basics of Treasury Management and Risk

Recent banking crises have highlighted the need for good, risk-aware treasury management practices. We put together best practices and tips for company-builders.

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