Week 28: What's Happening in AI

EU AI Act vote moved up, China increases AI investment amid tensions with US, and the latest in chip investments.


United States

Amid rising tensions with China, U.S. semiconductor company AMD was blocked from selling their made-for-China AI chip. And, a new bipartisan group pitched shortcuts to AI regulation by using existing federal bodies to govern AI.


Seven new state-level bills focus on AI bias vs. the other 400 bills introduced this year that focus on specific applications of AI (e.g., deepfakes, LLMs).


The European Parliament moved up the EU AI Act vote to March 13th. The regulations will go into effect in 20 days for all companies operating in the EU, if passed.


India now requires large AI companies to obtain approval before launching new models.

China is increasing domestic tech R&D investment by 10% and aims to overcome U.S. tech sanctions in response to increasing tensions with the U.S.

Plus: China’s UN envoy calls for ‘forward-looking’ AI research and regulation as global tech race intensifies

AI development + deployment





Where AI is going


New applications


Raises and releases

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