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Artificial intelligence offers enormous promise and great risk. In this pivotal moment as new companies are funded and built, it is critical that startups incorporate responsible AI practices into product development from the outset.

Startup: My organization makes these voluntary commitments (described below).

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My organization will make reasonable efforts to (1) encourage portfolio companies to make these voluntary commitments (described below), (2) consult these voluntary commitments when conducting diligence on potential investments in AI startups, and (3) foster responsible AI practices among portfolio companies.

I encourage the venture capital firms in which I invest to make these voluntary Responsible AI commitments (described below).

I encourage startups and venture firms to make these voluntary Responsible AI commitments (described below).

Signatories make these voluntary responsible AI commitments:

More information about how to action these commitments can be found in the forthcoming Protocol for Responsible AI.

Signatories are welcome to provide feedback on the final Protocol for Responsible AI and accompanying resources. Individuals interested in contributing to this effort can reach out to

For generative models at or beyond the current industry frontier, investors and startups are encouraged to review and adopt the Biden-Harris Administration’s voluntary commitments to manage the risks posed by AI.


Responsible Innovation Labs, a nonprofit global coalition of leading founders and venture capitalists, has convened a multi-sector working group to define a Protocol for Responsible AI as a guide and accountability mechanism for investors and startups building or adopting AI systems.The Protocol translates responsible AI principles and best practices from public policy initiatives, civil society, academia, and industry to meet the specific needs of the burgeoning AI startup sector.