Sign the Responsible AI Commitments


Artificial intelligence offers enormous promise and great risk. In this pivotal moment as new companies are funded and built, it is critical that startups incorporate responsible AI practices into product development from the outset.

The Responsible AI Commitments outline a Responsible AI program by distilling best practices and frameworks designed for early stage companies and their investors. You can download a PDF of the commitments here.

To help implement the Commitments, we created the Responsible AI Protocol in an unprecedented collaboration among operators, investors, civil society, and the public sector. The protocol includes clear action items, resources, and frameworks. Download it here.

The Responsible AI Commitments

Startup: My organization makes these voluntary commitments (described below).

Venture Capital Firm:
My organization will make reasonable efforts to (1) encourage portfolio companies to make these voluntary commitments (described below), (2) consult these voluntary commitments when conducting diligence on potential investments in AI startups, and (3) foster responsible AI practices among portfolio companies.

I encourage the venture capital firms in which I invest to make these voluntary Responsible AI commitments (described below).

I encourage startups and venture firms to make these voluntary Responsible AI commitments (described below).

Signatories make these voluntary responsible AI commitments:

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We created the Responsible AI Protocol as a guide to implement the Commitments. It provides clear action items, resources, and frameworks.

Action the Commitments