The core working group has been developing a set of responsible AI commitments and companion protocol over the past five months, with contributions from startup founders, investors, and policymakers including the U.S. Department of Commerce.


In May 2023, Responsible Innovation Labs convened a multi-sector working group that outlined the following goals:

Responsible Innovation Labs designed this Protocol as a practical guide to help companies:

Working Group Participants

The core working group comprises representatives from multiple disciplines, sectors, and AI-related focus areas. Active core members include:

We are also working closely with leading AI companies including Open AI and Anthropic, who have endorsed this effort and are actively contributing to our developing protocol. Numerous other organizations have expressed interest in contributing expertise, feedback, distribution, etc., including the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute, McKinsey, Schmidt Futures, Ford Foundation, LinkedIn, Data & Trust Alliance, the Henry R. Kravis Foundation, Business Roundtable, and Responsible Innovation Labs members

Our working group partners are working with us as individuals and do not represent a commitment from their respective firm, company, or organization.


The working group has released a set of voluntary responsible AI commitments, which can be viewed and signed here.

The responsible AI protocol (a much-requested, actionable ‘how-to’ for startups and investors) has been developed over the last five months alongside the commitments. View the protocol here.

What's next?

Our working group is in the process of iterating on the protocol based on feedback we are receiving from early adopters. We are also working on a series of resources that can be used to support the protocol and implementation of the commitments.