Letter to the Community from Executive Director Gaurab Bansal

Hear from Gaurab about why he joined Responsible Innovation Labs and his plans for the future.
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Gaurab Bansal
September 21, 2023

RIL Community, 

Thank you for the warm welcome. I am energized to partner with you in the months ahead. 

Our mission is ambitious. We at Responsible Innovation Labs (RIL) - together with all of you - are working to make responsible innovation an essential mindset and operational norm for market-transforming startups and their investors.

Our success will advance every cause I have ever worked on in my career. I have dedicated myself to building and stewarding efforts that deliver better services, modernize public policies, and increase investments to expand civic participation, economic prosperity, and community cohesion. Innovation is the through line for any entrepreneur trying to find a better way.

This is a challenging systems puzzle that will take each of us doing our part. We can best serve our shared values by collaborating on what we have in common. At RIL we believe responsible innovation: 

  • drives value creation
  • contributes to sector growth and dynamism
  • can be developed as a skillset and competency
  • strengthens the communities in which we live and work

Building on the work of our founders, advisors, and earliest team members, I pledge to do my best to lead RIL forward. In the months ahead we will share more about RIL’s growth and evolution. 

In the near term, here is our approach: 

  1. RIL will continue to lead with our values. We believe that most people want to do the right thing. We will lead with our core beliefs and seek areas of common ground at every possible turn.
  1. RIL will sharpen our value proposition for this community. (RIL’s ongoing work on the responsible AI protocol for startups and investors demonstrates this commitment.) We will listen to understand your needs as founders, operators, and investors. We will work with civil society and government to conceive of responsible innovation mindful of technology’s current reach today and future waves of innovation.
  1. RIL will stay on offense. We have a lot to do. The old ways of doing things won’t change themselves. We will be on the front lines with you.
  1. RIL will be good stewards of the dollars, energy, and reputational goodwill you share with us. We want to earn and retain your trust.

Thank you for continuing to support RIL in our next phase.



Executive Director, Responsible Innovation Labs